Peter Horridge is a world leading designer and illustrator, unsurpassed in the creation of letterforms and with a distinctive fluidity of line, his logos, crests, marques and illustrations identify hundreds of brands and institutions throughout the world – from hip lingerie specialist Agent Provocateur, to the timelessly classy Raffles Hotel in Singapore, to name a few.

Recent work has included logos for the London landmark building Admiralty Arch, packaging illustrations for the luxury brand Clive Christian Perfumes and several varied projects for Sir Jonathan Ive.

Calligrapher, lettering/type designer, illustrator, graphic designer, or probably a more accurate collective description is ‘Graphic Artist’, a somewhat outmoded term but a good description of what he does, and increasingly rare to find these days.

Peter built his business and reputation as one of the world’s leading lettering designers, particularly in the area of what is generally known as Copperplate/Cursive script, the classic and arguably the most difficult of all the calligraphic forms.

His work has now progressed to cover a wide range of capabilities, all retaining that underlying timeless quality, combined with an attention to detail that has become his hallmark, he’s not trying to break any barriers or become the ‘latest thing’, his work is just the best of its kind, visually stunning and appreciated by many.

Originally from a small town in Lancashire, England, he spent long period working in London in the early stages of his career, he now lives and works in the Cheshire countryside,England.

Clients now span the world, ranging from design consultants, publishers and advertising agencies, to companies and individuals looking for something bespoke, handcrafted and special, executed by one of the world’s finest practitioners. Whilst working mostly direct with his clients he has agents displaying his work in London and New York.

He is happy to accept work at different stages, from origination through to the finished article or clients wishing to benefit from his expertise in development of a concept.

He has won numerous awards, from a silver medal at the VIII Biennale of Graphic Design in Brno, whilst still at college, to numerous D&AD awards, Gold & Silver Clio and Rose awards, Association of illustrators, Type Directors NYC and probably lots more he doesn’t know about as a result of his clients winning awards throughout the world.

Examples of his work are held in the National Art Library at the V&A Museum, London, he is a full member of the Letter Exchange, a collective of professionals interested in all things letter based and a member of the Association of Illustrators and his work is featured in various publications, books and magazines, with subjects ranging from calligraphy to illustration.

The website is just a fraction of the beautiful work he has now produced, Enjoy!

Debi Ani

Peter Horridge - designer and illustrator